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7 billion people and here we are, you and I, connected in some way.

Earth, Wind & Fuego was founded as a socially-conscious health and wellness business. What does that mean? Each component of our work is done with mindfulness towards the impact on people and our environment both locally and globally. Sustainability is becoming a more common term, be it regarding renewable energy, agricultural techniques, product ingredients or the shop-local movement. But what does it mean to be socially-conscious when it comes to food?

Where was your food grown or raised? Who picked it? What were their working conditions? Were they paid a living wage? Were the workers exposed to harmful chemicals? Is it a profit-sharing structure? These are just some of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves as our social-consciousness raised to these levels.

It’s difficult to not feel overwhelmed when news cycles and Facebook feeds are full of oppressive policies and imagery targeting marginalized groups. Some might ask, what does anti-transgender policy or white supremacy rallies have to do with food? With health and wellness? Everything. Environmental racism and white supremacy in the food system are deeply inter-woven. We condemn the acts in Charlottesville, racism in the criminal justice and food systems, and the oppressive structures that uphold white supremacy. But beyond that, what are we doing when a news cycle cycles out? How are we contributing to or resisting oppression? How do we practice self-love and compassion through this?

Here’s a few ideas from the EWF team:

  • Raise your consciousness of both social and environmental impacts of your food. Research companies. Talk to farm owners and laborers. Educate yourself more on environmental racism.
  • Advocate for your local farmer’s market to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits
  • Slow down, take a hot bath, eat good food, write, and love yourself. All of this is a process. No one is perfect or all-knowing. Forgive yourself and step away when you need to. Just be sure to come back when you’ve recharged.

Remember the common phrase, “Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” None of us can function without taking care of ourselves first. As a small, private-owned business we provide all the labor in service to EWF clients and must do the same. If you haven’t already, get connected with other like-minded people. You are not alone.

We welcome you to join the conversation and comment below.

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